Lealie Russ currently resides in King William County where she is a member of New Life Community Church in Aylett. She is a Deacon, sings in the choir and leads intercessory prayer. She volunteers in the community by providing Thanksgiving meals to local families. Through New Life’s “Be the Church” program they will be providing community service to join in building her home.

Ms. Russ is a Personal Care Aide (PCA). She sits with and provides for sick or elderly patients. Her favorite verse says, “Let the work that I do speak for me.”

Lealie has three grown children. Her oldest daughter Elaine lives in a nursing facility in Colonial Heights. Amy lives in King William with Lealie’s grandson Jeremiah (18). Her youngest daughter Shantell is a school counselor and financial coach in northern VA.

After having open heart surgery in 2005 her income became unreliable resulting in unstable housing for her family. After she recovered, she was able to afford rent. She now lives in a second-floor apartment. Due to her bad hip, she struggles to climb the steep stairs.

Accessible housing is important to Ms. Russ because of her health and age. She says having her own home means that her daughters won’t have to worry about her so much! She won’t have to rely on others to carry her groceries inside for her. She said this home will be a blessing and she can’t wait to decorate it for the holidays!