Immigration was an extremely difficult journey for Mohammad, his wife Arezo, and their children. They had to start over with nothing while overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers. Mohammad was a dentist in Afghanistan. He now works at a local distribution center.

When they came to America 2 years ago, they moved to Hanover to be near relatives. Their niece volunteers at the VCU medical respiratory center and is setting a good example for their daughters.

They have 4 daughters ages 10,10,7 & 7. They love participating in school activities such as writing, singing, and speaking at special events. Buying a home means investing in their daughter’s future. The family is excited for the kids to connect and play with the neighbors’ children.

It has been challenging for them to buy a home without any resources. They are looking forward to having stability back in their life. The first thing they plan to cook in their new home is traditional Afghan food like Mantu!