Faith Build

Faith Build

Hanover Habitat for Humanity is excited to announce our next Faith Build in partnership with area churches and businesses! Starting in the summer/fall of 2019, local churches and friends of the faith community, will gather to both help build and fund the construction costs of a home for a hard-working family. the project is estimated to take four months to build, with a need for volunteers every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The goal is to raise $100,000; the average construction cost to build a home.

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Ways to Get Involved


We have challenged the Faith community to rally and help us raise $100,000, the average construction cost to build a home. We recognize that every congregation is a different size and has different resources, therefore, there are different commitment levels available. Consider adding a gift to your 2019 budgets or host one of the suggested fundraisers, listed on the following page, to help reach your fundraising goal!  Donate online for Faith Build here.

Volunteer at the Build Site

Faith Build 2019 will take place from approximately July/August/September, and we will need volunteers every Thursdays, Friday and Saturday.

  • All skill levels welcome; no experience necessary!
  • Must be at least 16 years old with parent approval, or 18 years and older.
  • Groups up to 10 people per day. Individuals are welcome too!

Provide Lunch & Snacks

For each build day, we will be looking for people to provide lunches and snacks for our volunteers. We recommend preparing lunch for 10 people. This is an estimated number, however, we can provide a better count a week prior. Lunch can be purchased from a local restaurant, or homemade.


At the end of every Faith Build home we build, we celebrate by inviting the community to participate in a celebration where we thank all those involved! We will need a local host church as well as churches to provide refreshments, activities and more - more details to come!


Please pray for the family, the volunteers, and the entire community to come together to put God's love into action to build not only a home, but hope for a brighter future.

What is Faith Build 2019?

Hanover Habitat's Faith Relations Committee suggested the program as a way to partner with many of the local congregations. The committee is overseeing Faith Build 2019 and has challenged the faith community to help raise $100,000, and to provide volunteers to build a home for our partner family.

Why $100,000

$100,000 is the average construction cost to build the home. The price of the land and infrastructure for the lot is not included in this total.

Where Will Faith Build 2019 be Located?

This Faith Build home will be one of the 6 homes in our new neighborhood, Hanover Cove. Hanover Cove will be located in Ashland on Hanover Avenue between Cubs Lane and Beverly Drive. We anticipate construction to begin on the infrastructure in spring 2019, the Faith Build home will be the 2nd home constructed and we hope to begin by summer 2019.

Who is the Faith Build Family?

Each of our partner families must go through an application and approval process. The Faith Build partner family has been approved. We are working with the family on the necessary paperwork and more detailed information will be available soon.

Will We be Able to Meet the Faith Build Family?

Yes, there will be several opportunities to meet the family - either at your church, at the Hanover Habitat office, on the construction site, or at the celebration when construction is completed.

Will the Faith Build Family be Working on the Construction Site?

All of our partner families are required to complete "Sweat Equity" hours. They complete those hours by participating in the construction of the home. If there are physical limitations that prevent them from working on the construction site, they may complete the hours by volunteering in our ReStore, on our Recycle Team, or in our office. So, yes, you may be working alongside the adult member of the family.