Construction has not yet begun, but Tyree dreams of owning a home of his own.  Today you have an incredible opportunity to help make his dream come true.  Thanks to the generosity of Ragan Phillips, your gift will be doubled up to $50,000.

Surrounded by family, Ragan peacefully passed away March 26, 2020.  As his obituary stated, “we grieve his absence but celebrate his life, and thank him for showing us that being exceptional is a choice open to all of us.”

Remembering Ragan and honoring his wife, Phyllis Theroux and daughter Meg Pienkowski and family, Hanover Habitat’s next home, in the Town of Ashland, will be built in Ragan’s memory.  Construction has not yet begun on the North Center Street home, but Tyree dreams of owning a home of his own.

Your gift today will help to build the safe and secure affordable home so many families like Tyree so desperately need.  Tyree says “owning a home will give me something to work hard for and a place to finally call my own.”  He also believes you should “always keep your head to the sky because Jehovah has the answers.”  You have the power to make his dreams come true.

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