Volunteering as a Requirement

Volunteering as a Requirement

Court-Ordered & Pre-Court Community Service:

Individuals interested in serving court-ordered community services may complete their hours with Hanover Habitat. Individuals may also volunteer before a court date to help in their proceedings. The volunteer MUST notify Hanover Habitat of their intent beforehand, or hours worked will not be counted.

Hanover Habitat CANNOT accept any court-ordered or pre-court community service for any of the following:

  • Any form of theft (burglary, larceny, petty theft, coercion, fraud, forgery, etc.)
  • Any violent crime (assault, domestic violence, etc.)
  • Any sex crime (rape, sexual battery, indecent exposure, etc.)

This may not be an exhaustive list. Hanover Habitat reserves the right to refuse any charges that conflict with the organizations mission and vision.

Volunteers must be 16 or older to work on construction or recycling, and 18 or older to work in the ReStore.

Community Service for School:

Hanover Habitat can take individuals or groups requiring community services hours for school (credit or non-credit) or community organizations. Hours worked can be from any of the available volunteer opportunities.

Tracking Hours:

Volunteers must track their own hours. Volunteers on the construction site or in  recycling will need to use a court-ordered tracking sheet or a basic sheet with date, time in, time out, total hours, work done, and supervisor signature. At the completion of each day, the supervisor must sign off on volunteer hours, if hours are not verified on the day they were completed, they will not be counted. No signature will be given on previous days worked.

ReStore volunteers are responsible for logging in and out at the store’s time station.

If a court, program, or school is requiring a letter to verify a volunteer’s completed hours, the volunteer must request it with the Director of Community Engagement 48 hours in advance.

Individuals working in construction, recycling, or at the ReStore, must comply with all rules. If at any time the volunteer does not listen to the supervisors, or stops being a team player, they may be asked to leave and terminate their volunteer status. If a volunteer fails to show up on a scheduled shift without notifying the supervisor ahead of time, Hanover Habitat may terminate their volunteer status. Hours worked will not be counted or given to the court. The volunteer will not be allowed to return.

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