The Palamino Family is Habitat’s 74th homeowner. Alejandro immigrated to the US from Peru in2002. He said it was very hard to be away from his family and leave them in another country while he worked to get them here. He recalls having his longest double shift on Thanksgiving, the same day as his son’s birthday. Alejandro was determined to reunite his family and he finally did in 2014. They would have to live in a small space but at least they would be together again, and their basic needs would be met. They left because of high criminal activity. They have found security in the small, quiet town of Ashland.

Alejandro works on paving highways. He rotates between days and nights and his summer and winter schedule vary drastically, but he and his coworkers have a great friendship. His wife, Rosila, is a stay-at-home mother. She is currently pursuing classes for English as a second language (ESL). Rosila and Alejandrohave two children, Danae (10) and Diego (18). Danae is about to start middle school and Diego will be attending J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. He hopes to transfer to a university where he can study geology. The family enjoys visiting Poor Farm Park where they can play volleyball and frisbee together.

Alejandro heard about Hanover and King William Habitat for Humanity from his neighbor who is also a Habitat homeowner! Owning a home will mean freedom and pride to the Palomino family. The children are looking forward to having their own separate rooms and Rosila is excited to start gardening. Alejandro believes that even if you share differing opinions, you should always respect one another!