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Everyone Deserves an Accessible, Livable and Energy Efficient Home

Hanover and King William Habitat for Humanity envisions a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Our repair program offers reduced cost repairs to local homeowners to make their houses accessible, livable, and energy efficient.

All extensive work performed will address health and safety issues or code violations, such as: repair/replace roof; crucial electrical, plumbing, or HVAC needs; damaged fascia; gutters and downspouts; window replacement; exterior door repair/replacement; and deck work, including stairs.

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Property:  The home must be located in Hanover or King William County, and  be owner-occupied. Habitat will not consider work on rental properties.

Mobile Homes:  Habitat will consider work on mobile homes as long as the candidate lives in and owns the mobile home and land, has rights to a life estate on family-owned property or is subject to a long-term land lease of at least 40 years or more.

Condition of Home:  The overall condition of the home must be structurally satisfactory to justify any repair costs.

Additional Requirements:  Applicant must be unable to get needed funds for repair with current assets or in a conventional fashion (i.e., bank loan).  Applicant must be up-to-date on mortgage payments and taxes.  If the property is sold within 3 years after the completion of repairs, funds paid by the affiliate must be reimbursed.  Habitat is not undertaking any ongoing maintenance of a property.  Future maintenance and upkeep after a repair is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Applicant or family member must contribute some form of sweat equity.

Household income of 60% or less of the Area Median Income, with an income of no more than $54,000.

Applicant must have stable income that will allow them to stay in the home and make necessary payments for repairs.

If you have more than 4 people in your household, contact the office for adjusted income limits.

Applicant must complete Repair Program Application and provide required documentation.

  • Proof mortgage payments are up to date
  • Proof real estate taxes are paid
  • Proof of insurance
  • Two most recent bank statements
  • Two most recent pay/income stubs
  • Two most recent tax returns
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