May Lewis is Habitat’s 75th homeowner. She was born and raised in Caroline County. After living in Florida for 20 years she moved back to the area to be closer to friends and family. She is currently working as a scan clerk at a local grocery store.

Ms. Lewis has overcome many challenges to be able to finally own a place of her own. She can’t wait to wake up in a warm house with heat and to upgrade from cooking in her easy bake oven! She plans on devoting one of the bedrooms in her new home to her hobbies including pilates and sewing. The other spare room will be reserved for her sons and grandchildren when they come to visit. May says that without Habitat’s homeownership program she
would not be able to purchase a home. This new home is giving May her freedom back! She described this  opportunity as a godsend and will continue to live by the proverb “but by the grace of God go I.”